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Care & Use

Twig New York is of the finest quality. To ensure product longevity, please follow our recommended care guide.


Fine Bone China

  • Our products are dishwasher safe with mild (non-citrus/salt detergent) gel or liquid detergent.
  • For the items with gold and platinum decoration, please use low-temperature or cold cycle, and avoid dry cycle.
  • Products WITHOUT Gold & Platinum are Microwave safe, but Not Oven safe, otherwise noted on product detail.
  • All products WITH 24K Gold & Platinum details are NotMicrowave and Oven Safe
  • Abrasive materials must not be used when cleaning
  • Do not expose to direct heat from a naked flame or to rapid changes of temperature
  • Although many of our products are dishwasher safe, hand wash our products will help maintain longevity of it's design and beauty, especially those items with Gold and Platinum accents
  • Use napkins to separate items when storing to prevent scratching
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Faux-Leather Placemats

  • Faux-leather items should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • These items should not be submerged or be wet for an extended period of time.
  • Avoid exposing faux-leather to high heat such as cooking surfaces or utensils. The mats can be used with warm temperatures such as food that has been plated.
  • When storing, ensure that faux-leather items remain flat with no creases or bends.
  • Storage under heavy objects such as stacked dinnerware may result in impressions or damage to the finish of the leather. 
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